Sigita Vasiljevaitė

Areas of responsibility:

  • Coordination and control of the Ministry’s administrative units ensuring optimal management and use of financial, material, intellectual and information resources;
  • Organization and coordination of the preparation and implementation of the Ministry’s strategic action plan;
  • Participation in organizing and coordinating the execution of orders of the Prime Minister and the Government;  preparation and coordination of draft legal acts; representation of the Ministry in courts in accordance with the strategic action plan and other strategic planning documents and ensuring compatibility of draft legal acts and other decisions;
  • Organization of the regulations of the Ministry and its administrative units, monitoring job descriptions of the civil servants and employees working under employment agreements;
  • In line with the Minister’s orders: appointment and dismissal of civil servants and employees working under employment contracts, as well as their promotion or imposition of service penalties; supervision of job duties’  violations, employees’ training plans;
  • Supervision of  the administration of the support programmes: European Union funds and other programmes;

The Chancellor coordinates and controls the activities of the following institution under the Ministry of Environment:

Last updated: 01-08-2023