A Grove of Oak trees planted in Lithuania to mark the 30th anniversary of ESPOO Convention and the upcoming 8th Meeting of the Parties in Vilnius

A grove of oak trees - a symbol of longevity and fortitude - was planted in Lithuania to mark the upcoming 8th Meeting of the ESPOO Convention Parties to be held in Vilnius on 8 – 11th December 2020 and the 30th anniversary of the ESPOO Convention.

United Nations Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) sets out the obligations of Parties to assess the environmental impact of certain activities at an early stage of planning. It also lays down the general obligation of the Parties to notify and consult each other on all major projects under consideration that are likely to have a significant adverse environmental impact across boundaries. As a result, transboundary EIA enhances international cooperation, including awareness of the importance of the environment, helps to avoid conflicts and facilitates a better and more objective decision making. The Convention was adopted in 1991, Espoo, Finland and unites 44 countries.

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and related constraints in Lithuania, the ESPOO meeting will be conducted by means of remote communication.