Foresters' advice: how to deal with Christmas trees after the holidays?

As the festive season continues and the New Year, along with Three Kings' Day, makes its way into our homes, citizens across the country are immersed in decorating Christmas trees, bringing joy to the most beautiful celebrations of the year. Whether it's an admired live potted tree, a cut Christmas tree, or a fir tree, many have chosen various ways to make their homes cozy and festive. Foresters from the State Forest Enterprise are offering guidance on how to handle trees that are still green or have withered after the holidays.

Christmas Trees in Pots: If the thorns of a decorated Christmas tree in a pot remain green, indicating the tree is healthy, you can relocate it to a cooler room with natural light. Ongoing care involves regular watering and fertilization, particularly if the tree has started to grow. Planting it outdoors should be postponed until spring frosts have ceased, and the air temperature is above 10 degrees. Spruce trees, in particular, should be planted on a rainy day to prevent sun damage when transitioning outdoors suddenly.

Spruce Trees: Spruce trees serve as effective coverage for outdoor plants vulnerable to frost. Additionally, spruce cones act as a deterrent to hares, deer, and other animals or pests that may damage the tree. At the end of the cold season, spruce trees can be either burned or recycled.

Arboricultural Trees: For cut trees, fir trees, and other decorated Christmas trees, disposal options include specialized Green Waste Containers or the nearest tree collection points, established by city municipalities after the festive season. The collected trees and branches undergo shredding and contribute to biofuel production.

State Forest Enterprise's Festive Initiatives: During the holiday season, State Forest Enterprise foresters traditionally conduct Christmas tree sales and distribute over 120,000 Christmas trees across Lithuania through the "Bring Christmas to Your Home" campaign. Collaborating with Lithuanian Red Cross volunteers, they decorate the homes of 3,000 lonely seniors with Christmas trees, donate hundreds of trees to blood donors, and distribute trees to drivers during the campaign in partnership with the Lithuanian Police.

This information is provided by the State Forest Enterprise.