2020 05 18


Nature lovers are looking forward for summer, hoping that the quarantine in Lithuania will end and they will be able to travel more actively through national and regional parks. The State Service for Protected Areas consistently implement the projects by programe “Protection and Adaptation of Landscape Values” (I, II), and will open even more objects in protected areas to visitors this summer.

According to Albert Stanislovasitis, the director of the State Service for Protected Areas, the aim is to adapt the most interesting places and objects of protected areas for visiting and getting to know them, to improve the conditions for nature education. The main measures are the expansion of the network of visitor centers in state parks and installation of expositions presenting the values of protected areas, development of outdoor information systems in state parks, installation of educational trails, adaptation of landscape complexes, management of natural and cultural heritage objects.

Visitors appreciated the tallest Birštonas observation tower in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. The uniqueness of this park is the loops of the Nemunas, which can be perceived by climbing the observation deck of the tower.

Hikers enjoy the Šilėnai educational trail in the Neris Regional Park, where they are greeted by the wonderful landscapes of the Neris banks and many new original information stands.

Duering the mentioned projects, many mounds have been arranged and adapted for visiting: Apuolė mound in Skuodas district, Pakalniškės mound in Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park, Naujoji Rėva mound in Neris Regional Park. There are new stairs, gazebos, and sightseeing windows, which offer spectacular views of the landscape. A new educational trail has been installed near the Kačėniškės mound in Sirvėta Regional Park. Several other famous mounds of Dzūkija National Park - Merkinė and Liškiava - are being newly renovated and are likely to welcome visitors next year.

In Dubysa Regional Park, a landscape complex suitable for visitors to the Dubysa River Valley awaits hikers and cyclists. The new 13 km nature trail stretches from the visitor center through the nature areas of this regional park, which are equipped with information stands, respite infrastructure, and bridges across Luck and Lelyka rivers. There are excellent opportunities to see the exceptional landscape of Dubysa, to evaluate it with your own experiences and Maironis' poems.

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park has already installed an outdoor information system, and this summer visitors will be greeted by the newly arranged Girnikai Hill. Not only new stairs, benches, information stands, but also stones with giant feet will delight visitors.

This summer, the State Strict Žuvintas Biosphere Nature Reserve, like nowhere else, will have many changes: a new exposition of the visitor center, a new nature school and a long-awaited trail-bridge to Lake Žuvintas. As you know, when visiting the Strict Nature Reserve, you need to contact the directorate in advance.

In the summer, it is planned to complete the manage of the Papilė exposure in the Venta Regional Park. The Papilė Jurassic exposure is a unique state-protected geological natural monument, where scientists have found and described about 300 remains and fragments of Jurassic animals.

In the near future, more than 50 natural heritage objects, 26 of which are protected trees, will be arranged and adapted for visiting.

The projects “Protection and Adaptation of Landscape Values” (I) and “Protection and Adaptation of Landscape Values” (II) are financed from the European Union Structural Funds Regional Development Funds.