Lithuania prepares to chair the Baltic Sea Environment Commission

A meeting with Rüdiger Strempel, Executive Secretary of the Baltic Sea Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), and Jannica Haldin, Deputy Executive Secretary, took place at the Ministry of Environment. The meeting discussed topical issues related to Lithuania's chairmanship of the Commission starting from July 1st of this year.

The experts from the Ministry of Environment shared with the guests their views on the challenges that Lithuania will face after taking over the chairmanship, such as the unsatisfactory quality of the Baltic Sea environment and the representation of HELCOM in international platforms related to seas and oceans.

The meeting also included the presentation of the third HELCOM Holistic Assessment, which provides a comprehensive overview of the status of the Baltic Sea ecosystems for the assessment period 2016-2021. The findings of the assessment will contribute to environmental policy-making and will allow monitoring of progress towards the goals and targets set in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan 2021.

The Baltic Sea Environment Protection Commission, also known as the Helsinki Commission or HELCOM, was established in 1974 to implement the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea (the Helsinki Convention), to which 10 countries are signatories.

HELCOM aims to improve international policy and legislation on the protection of the Baltic Sea environment. The signatories are committed to stopping and eliminating pollution from all sources in the Baltic Sea basin, and to reducing and, where possible, eliminating the adverse effects of human activities on the marine environment.