New strategy, mission, vision and values of the Ministry


2019 09 25


During today’s meeting, which involved the leaders as well as the representatives of the workers of the Ministry of the Environment, a new strategy, values and vision of the ministry have been established.

The renewal process, which began in June with a launch of several creative workshops, lasted all summer. This process included the employees of the ministry itself as well as its subsidiary institutions and partners. When thinking about the changes that should be implemented, a lot of attention was brought to organizational culture, discussions about the positive and negative qualities of the ministry’s current affairs, as well as ways to improve them.

The slogan “Let’s create a harmonious connection between the humans and nature” was chosen to describe the purpose of the work that the ministry does. The vision was described as “A sustainable environment for us and the future generations”. According to our values, “Nature has no voice in politics, therefore we aspire to represent it instead. During our everyday activities we aim to become an example to others: we preserve natural resources, protect nature, create and maintain public environmental protection campaigns and initiatives and most importantly – we always keep in mind the purpose of the Ministry of the Environment”.

A few other key values were established, such as professionalism, cooperation, diligence, transparency and creativity.