Residents will find it more convenient to dispose of electrical and electronic waste

Starting now, residents will find it easier to dispose of their waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) at no cost by contacting representatives of WEEE collection companies who will come to their homes. Manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment are now obligated to inform purchasers about the availability of a free waste removal service. This information, including a designated telephone number for the service, must be provided at the point of sale and during collection.

These changes are outlined in the amendments to the Resolution, titled "On the Approval of the Rules for the Establishment of Documents Proving Waste Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Financing, and the Execution of Requirements for Document Establishment and Execution, Accumulation, Use, and Return of Funds Obtained Based on Documents, and the Establishment of Tasks for the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment." This resolution was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and adopted during today's Cabinet meeting.

These amendments were introduced following feedback from organizations representing producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. They highlighted concerns that the existing legal framework required the establishment of collection sites in areas where such waste is not practically generated. With the newly adopted amendments to the Government Decree, producers and importers can now set up fewer reception sites and focus on on-call waste collection from the public.

Previously, if a producer or importer supplied 150 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment per year to the domestic market, a collection point had to be established in that region. Under the new regulations, a collection point must be set up if 300 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment are supplied to the market annually.

WEEE can now be taken to 115 bulky waste collection sites in almost all municipalities or to a free home collection service.