The compensation allowance payment for less polluting cars has already entered into force


2019 10 18


On 12 October, 2019 new regulations came into effect.  Every natural person who purchases a lower emission car will receive a compensation allowance of 1000 Euros. The compensation allowance payment will come from the Climate Change Programme. The disbursement of Proceeds (compensation allowance) will be administered by the Environmental Project Management Agency (EPMA) of the Ministry of Environment.  Applications will be completed and submitted through the EPMA Information System.

Compensation to an individual will be given if they fulfill these criteria:

a) He or she is supposed to have owned a Class M1 vehicle for at least 12 months period before the date of entry into force action of the Detailed Plan of the Annual Estimate of the Climate Change Program (2019). This class vehicle should be registered in the Road Traffic Register of the Republic of Lithuania for at least 12 months and must be delivered for disposal in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicle Management Regulations;


b)An application for compensation may be submitted only upon receipt of a certificate of destruction of the end-of-life vehicle and its registration in the Register of Road Vehicles of the Republic of Lithuania. Applicant’s registration certificate for the purchased vehicle should include the total CO2 emissions of the car and the date of first registration.

All requirements and conditions that the applicant should meet will be specified in the EPMA Call for submission. Eligible costs will be the costs incurred since the date of approval of Detailed Plan of the Annual Estimate of Climate Change Program (2019). This plan is expected to be approved this week.


The Unit of Public Relations