2020 01 14


Do you know what kinda gifts the last glacier, covering Lithuania, left us about fourteen thousand years ago? It had drawn impressive stones from Scandinavia, which are still scattered all over our country today.

This winter, the State Service of Protected Areas is inviting to travel and see the 10 most spectacular rocks. The boulders are impressive not only in their size but also in their shape. The big stones are scattered all over our country, so it will be interesting to travel and get acquainted with the natural heritage objects - the biggest Barstyčiai / Bouquet stone in Lithuania, Šilalė mound, the interesting Vištytis stone and other impressive stones.

Hikers should visit 10 boulders in January and February, take photos next to them and by March 2. send pictures to National Visitor Center for Protected Areas (e-mail lankytojucentras@vstt.lt or via FB message - https://www.facebook.com/NacionalinisLankytojuCentras/).

Those who will visit all 10 protected stones will receive a gift - the latest book on protected areas in Lithuania.

We invite you to travel and explore the unique Lithuanian nature.

Top 10 Protected Stones:

1. Shingle / Bouquet Stone - 56º11'26 ", 21º53'48" (Bouquet in Skuodas District)

2. Puntukas - 55º29'03 ", 25º03'35" (Anyksciai Regional Park)

3. The Great Stone of Dzukija - 54º16'21 ", 24º01'13" (Vangelonys village, Alytus district)

4. Vistytis Stone - 54º28'13 ", 22º42'18" (Vistytis Regional Park)

5. Kriaučius stone - 55º32'44 ", 22º45'40" (Vileikiai village, Kelme district)

6. Black Love Stone - 56º13'51 ", 22º28'32" (Venta Regional Park)

7. Rauškas stone - 55º30'14 ", 22º27'01" (At the highest point of the Klaipėda-Vilnius highway)

8. Silale hoof - 56º09'15 ", 21º33'45" (Salantai Regional Park)

9. Jurkiskis stone - 55º04'27 ", 25º24'54" (Asveja Regional Park)

10. The Devil's Stone - 53º59'07 ", 23º55'44" (Švendubre village, Druskininkai district)

All 10 stones and other protected natural objects and monuments can be found in the State Cadastre of Protected Areas of the Republic of Lithuania - https://stk.am.lt/portal/