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2023 08 17
New law on more sustainable, circular and safe batteries enters into force

A new Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on batteries and battery waste enters into force on 17 August. It will ensure that new batteries are sustainable and contribute to the green transformation.

2023 06 21
Council reaches agreement on the nature restoration law

The Council reached an agreement (general approach) on a proposal for a nature restoration law. The proposal aims to put in place recovery measures that will cover at least 20 % of the EU’s land and 20 % sea areas by 2030, and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.

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2023 05 04
Moldova is getting solar power plants and experience from Lithuania

Lithuanian-funded solar power plants have started operating in 15 Moldovan institutions – hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and cultural institutions. They have a total capacity of almost 1 MW, with €800,000 from the Climate Change Programme.

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